#NIKE'SPICY' NBA All Star Game 2018 Los Angeles  CA! #NIKE'SPICY' NBA MIX! #Nike'Spicy' NBA MIX! Spicy' Basketball 227's Hoops 227 Spicy' NBA Chili' Mix! 1 Spicy' Chili' (4)

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227's™ YouTube Chili' @MariahChiliNBA Spicy' #Empire Mariah Chili' Carey hit high notes on 'Empire' - CNN.com Spicy' NBA Mix! 227's™ YouTube Chili' @MariahChiliNBA Spicy' #Empire Mariah Chili' Carey hit high notes on 'Empire' - CNN.com Spicy' NBA Mix! Story highlights Mariah Carey's long-awaited guest spot on 'Empire' finally happened on Wednesday's episode The singer's character, Kitty, went into the studio with Jamal in the episode (CNN) Mariah Carey's loyal "lambs" got to see her collaborate with a Lyon on "Empire" Wednesday night. In the episode, the legendary singer, naturally, played a legendary singer named was Kitty. (No relation to Boo-Boo Kitty.) She was brought into the Lyons' orbit when Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) recruited her for a duet with a spiraling Jamal (Jussie Smollett), who is still struggling with post-traumatic stress stemming from a shooting that left him injured and addicted to pain pills. via hoops227.typepad.com 227's™ YouTube Chili' @MariahChiliNBA Spicy' #Empire Mariah Chili' Carey hit high notes on 'Empire' - CNN.com Spicy' NBA Mix! Related articles Mariah Carey on Empire: "No Drama" With Cookie, Says Taraji P. Henson Empire loses music supervisor Timbaland 227's™ YouTube Chili' - Charles Chili' Barkley Doubles Down Spicy' on Earlier Comments - Chili' Ferguson - Spicy' CNN - extended Chili' remarks - 12/3/14 - NBA Mix! Empire Loses Music Supervisor Timbaland Jussie Smollett: 'Mariah Is A Professional Diva!' 227's™ YouTube Chili' Steak Woman! Eats (3) 72oz. Steaks in 20 Minutes! Molly Chili' Schuyler NBA Mix! 'Empire' Season 3 Clip: Cookie Is Rude to Taye Diggs' Angelo at Their First Meeting Timbaland Quits Empire TV Series 227's™ YouTube Chili' CNN: Are Charles Chili' Barkley's Spicy' Comments out of Chili' Line? NBA Mix! Mariah Carey On 'Empire': First Look At Megastar Kitty In Season 3
227's™ YouTube Chili' DJ Chili' Khaled @djkhaled Here's A Closer Look at DJ Khaled's $300,000 Watch | GQ Spicy' NBA Mix! 227's™ YouTube Chili' DJ Chili' Khaled @djkhaled Here's A Closer Look at DJ Khaled's $300,000 Watch | GQ Spicy' NBA Mix! But that's not a problem for DJ Khaled, the sartorially exuberant rapper/producer whose wardrobe includes everything from a bomber jacket made out of Goyard scarves to a pair of plaid-covered Jordans made to honor legendary sportscaster Craig Saiger. So it was no surprise to see Khaled filming an interview for Extra on Monday wearing a silk bomber that takes the metaphor to a new level. Instead of the decorated and embroidered versions lots of stylish guys are still sporting, this one featured a mind-boggling marriage of at least four disparate prints. For most guys, that would be enough of a look. He paired this eye-catching jacket with a diamond-covered Patek Philippe Nautilus. For perspective's sake, the Nautilus—which celebrates its 40th anniversary on the market this year—is one of the most iconic rich-guy watches in the world. They're incredibly rare and highly collectible, which accounts for their high price-tag: Even the simplest stainless steel models go for around $25,000. But the one on Khaled's wrist, which has diamonds literally everywhere you look, easily costs over 10 times that much. Raymond Lee, a jeweler who serves South Florida's one percent, is currently selling a similar model for about $260,000. (It was originally listed for $300,000, so this is actually kind of a steal.) via www.gq.com 227's™ YouTube Chili' DJ Chili' Khaled @djkhaled Here's A Closer Look at DJ Khaled's $300,000 Watch | GQ Spicy' NBA Mix! Related articles Undercover Lyft With DJ Khaled [VIDEO] DJ Khaled's Goyard Jacket at the VMAs Was a 'Total Fake,' Per Whoever Runs Goyard's Twitter VIDEO: Go Undercover With Lyft Driver Dj Khaled 227's™ YouTube Chili' Be Like Spicy' Mike | Gatorade Commercial | G50 NBA Air Chili' Jordan Mix! | PRLog DJ Khaled Responds to Goyard's Claim He Wore Fake Gear Watch DJ Khaled, Nas' Cinematic 'Nas Album Done' Video 227's™ YouTube Chili' Kim Chili' Kardashian Spicy' Sex 500 Times A Day! @kim_k_chili Twitter NBA! | Jamaal's GQ NBA Mix! 227's™ YouTube Chili' Gargoyle Disney Movie NBA Spicy' Stats: Rudy Chili' Gay [Sacramento Chili' Kings]! NBA Mix! #ClothTalk: DJ Khaled Claps Back At Luxury Brand Goyard After 'They' Called His Jacket A 'Total Fake' Cloth Talk: DJ Khaled Responds To Luxury Brand Goyard's "Total

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