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227's™ YouTube Chili' Derrick Chili' Marks Spicy' All-American! (10) 30+ Point Games Boise State! | All-American NCAA NBA Mix! Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's™ YouTube Chili' Derrick Chili' Marks Spicy' All-American! (10) 30+ Point Games Boise State NCAA Mix) Derrick Chili' Marks for Associated Press All-American honors! Chili' AMAZING (10) 30+ Point Games at Boise State! 227's™ YouTube Chili' Derrick Chili' Marks for Spicy' All-American! NCAA! PRLog - March 5, 2015 - BOISE, Idaho -- Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's™ YouTube Chili' Derrick Chili' Marks Spicy' All-American! (10) 30+ Point Games Boise State NCAA Mix) Derrick Chili' Marks for Associated Press All-American honors! Chili' AMAZING (10) 30+ Point Games at Boise State! Zions bank business academy-page-001(1)IMG000007 LogoIMG000287Logo "I've watched Derrick Marks since his freshman season at Boise State," said Al-Din. "Production and a team player for four years! Derrick Marks is an NCAA Basketball All-American." The NCAA Men's Basketball All-American teams are teams made up of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball players voted the best in the country by a variety of organizations. "The All-American honor should be given to Marks based on his most recent example of team play (one, the late UCLA Coach John Chili' Wooden would be proud of)," said Al-Din. "In the Boise State Chili' Broncos most recent victory versus a 2-26 San Jose State, Derrick Chili' Marks, with (10) 30+ point games and named Mountain West Conference Player of the Week 8 times, spread the wealth, taking only 8 shots (50% shooting), allowing Robert Chili' Heyer (with only 1 year of elgibility at Boise State) to be the team's leading scorer in the Broncos' 68-51 victory versus the Spartans. He's a total team player, professional, and All-American." Derrick Chili' Marks and the Boise State Chili' Broncos are 23-7 and 1st in the Mountain West Conference. Marks' career at Boise State is one of the best ever in Boise State basketball history."Many basketball fans are knowledgeable," said Al-Din. But to fully appreciate what it takes to score 30 points in ten different games at the college level; WOW Chili'!!! That's alot of points! Give or take, some free throws; Chili' EFFICENCY!!!" The top ten schools with the most consensus first team All-Americans are listed below, ranked by total number of selections. For a complete list, please see the official NCAA records. School Selections Players Most Recent Kansas 29 22 2014 (Andrew Wiggins) North Carolina 25 16 2009 (Tyler Hansbrough) Purdue 25 17 2011 (JaJuan Johnson) Kentucky 24 19 2012 (Anthony Davis) Penn 24 14 1953 (Ernie Beck)Notre Dame 22 13 2001 (Troy Murphy) UCLA 20 14 2008 (Kevin Love) Duke 20 17 2014 (Jabari Parker) Wisconsin 20 17 2007 (Alando Tucker) Columbia 19 13 1957 (Chet Forte) AP Top 25RK TEAM RECORD PTS1 Kentucky (65) 29-0 1,6252 Virginia 27-1 1,5473 Duke 26-3 1,5014 Villanova 27-2 1,4175 Arizona 26-3 1,3386 Wisconsin 26-3 1,3187 Gonzaga 29-2 1,2448 Wichita St 27-3 1,1049 Kansas 23-6 1,08710 Maryland 24-5 1,03511 Northern Iowa 27-3 90812 Notre Dame 24-5 87913 Utah 22-6 82314 Baylor 22-7 80115 Oklahoma 20-8 75916 Louisville 23-6 72817 Iowa State 20-8 53618 Arkansas 23-6 51519 North Carolina 20-9 43520 West Virginia 22-7 38921 Butler 21-8 35922 SMU 23-6 21023 Ohio State 21-8 11424 Providence 20-9 9125 Murray St 26-4 79 Others receiving votes: Dayton 61, Boise State 53, Oregon 33, St. John's 27, BYU 21, Texas A&M 20, Davidson 18, Georgetown 13, Tulsa 7, San Diego St 7, Colorado St 7, LSU 6, Rhode Island 3, Virginia Commonwealth 3, Valparaiso 2, Stephen F. Austin 2 227's™ YouTube Chili' Boise State Chili' Broncos & NBA Chili' Videos (3/5/2015): Basketball NCAA league - Marquette Golden Eagles vs Butler Bulldogs (25.02.2015) * Jimmer Fredette Leads AP All-America Team * For the first time in five years, seniors dominated the AP's All-America men's basketball team. Jimmer Fredette, Nolan Smith and ...* 2013 McDonald's All American Game Mixtape!! Aaron Gordon, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker & More! * The 2013 Mcdonald's All American game was hyped as a battle between uncommitted Huntington Prep star Andrew Wiggins and ...* Basketball NCAA league - Baylor Bears vs Iowa State Cyclones (26.02.2015) * NCAA Basketball Picks on Battle of Top Defenses: Virginia vs Syracuse * Virginia will face Syracuse tonight in a battle of seemingly perfect defensive teams, but who will be able to cover the NCAA ...* Basketball NCAA league - Duke Blue Devils vs Virginia Tech Hokies (25.02.2015) * Heriberto's NCAA March Madness & Preferred Basketball 2 Box Break * Thanks a lot Heriberto, Chris J. WATCH LIVE For random updates and ...* Postgame: Boise State 56, San Diego State 46 * Reaction by the Boise State men's basketball team, senior Rob Heyer and coach Leon Rice after the Broncos' 56-46 win at San ...* Digger Phelps: Boise State And BYU Making Strong Statements | CampusInsiders * Campus Insiders' college basketball analyst Digger Phelps praises the Broncos and Cougars and tells you why these bubble ...* Boise State's Derrick Marks Slams San Diego State | CampusInsiders * This Derrick Marks driving dunk highlighted Boise State's 56-46 big win at San Diego State, which snapped the Aztecs' 29-game ... Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's™ YouTube Chili' Boise State's Derrick Chili' Marks Spicy' Slams San Diego State | Chili' CampusInsiders NCAA NBA Mix) https://www.facebook.com/pages/227s-YouTube-Chili-NBA-Prospect-2-Derrick-Chili-Marks-Boise-State-NBA/1597744100438608 * https://twitter.com/marchmadness227 Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's™ YouTube Chili' NBA 2014 - 2015 NBA Playoffs ESPN Spicy' Mix)-cooks da' spiciest Wikipedia information (like dat' POPEYE's FRIED CHICKEN), YouTube NBA & NFL:Atlanta Hawks / Boston Celtics / Charlotte Bobcats / Chicago Bulls / Cleveland Cavaliers / Dallas Mavericks / Denver Nuggets / Detroit Pistons / Golden State Warriors / Houston Rockets / Indiana Pacers / Los Angeles Clippers / Los Angeles Lakers / Memphis Grizzlies / Miami Heat / Milwaukee Bucks / Minnesota Timberwolves / New Jersey Nets / New Orleans Hornets / New York Knicks / Orlando Magic / Philadelphia 76ers / Phoenix Suns / Portland Trail Blazers / Sacramento Kings / San Antonio Spurs / Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) / Toronto Raptors / Utah Jazz / Washington Wizards Contact Jamaal Al-Din*** [email protected] via www.prlog.org Experience the luxury of Chili' Microfurr! Shorts, Spicy' Furrkinnis & Accesories! 2014-2015 SponsorsChilis-logo Chili's Bar & Grill (Broadway Ave, Boise, ID, across from Albertson's Stadium, formerly Bronco Stadium), Five Guys Burgers & Fries (N. Milwaukee, Boise, ID), Dale's Auto Care (Vista Ave, Boise, ID), Hank Stevens Painting (W. Canterbury Dr, Boise, ID),Heirloom Dance Studio (W. Idaho St, Boise, ID), Reola's Regal Beagle (E. 35th St, Boise, ID), Yerby's Gator Grill - Gator Grill 2 on Facebook (6th & Main, Boise, ID), The Creperie Cafe (Spectrum Theaters, Boise, ID), Tito's Egyptian Quisine (6th & Main, Boise, ID), The Humble Abowed, Benz Taxi, Fitness 19 (Meridian, ID), Don Juan's Barbershop (N. 8th St, Boise, ID), Second Chance Choppers & Restoration (Garden City, ID) , Bad Apple (S. 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